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The Society decided in 1980 to publish annually a Technical Journal named “The Nigeria Journal of Solar Energy (NJSE)” with the following aims:

  1. To provide a medium for national and international dissemination of information about Solar Energy in particular, and other Energy sources in general, and their applications elsewhere.
  2. To promote cooperation among Scientists, Engineers and Technologists working in the field of Energy in Nigeria and elsewhere.
  3. To provide a focal point for, but not limited to, papers presented at annual conference of SESN (all papers are published after they have been referred and acknowledged to be original and of high quality).

The technical papers presented at the 1980 inaugural meeting and conference formed the first issues of the NJSE which was launched at Lagos the same year. The Editorial Board of the NJSE was also formed to review technical papers submitted for consideration for publication in NJSE. In order to raise funds for the publication of the NJSE, the Journal was successfully re-launched in Kano in 1987, and the society is very grateful to numerous individuals, firms and governments that donated generously to this fund. With availability of funds it was possible to publish the outstanding volumes of the journal then. The Journal has been registered with Nigerian publishers with the number ISSN 0794-9537.

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