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Instructions on Applying for Membership of SESN

The membership categories table below shows the classification of membership and requisite qualification/experience. The corresponding application fees and annual dues for each class are also displayed.

Membership Categories

Grade Qualification Experience Fees (N) Annual Dues (N)
Full Membership (M)B. Sc.,/B. Tech.,/B. Eng./HND in Science/Technology 2 Years experience in Solar Energy applications4,0002,500
Associate Membership (AM)
  • Same as in above with no experience
  • NCE or ND in Science and Technology
  • B. Sc. or HND in other areas with real application in solar energy research and application
Affiliate Membership (AFM)Member of similar Society or Organisation recognised by SESN. 1,5002,000
Student Membership (SM)All Students undergoing courses in Science and Technology not normally below ND level. 1,5002,000
Institutional/Corporate Membership (IM)Any reputable institution or Organisation that engage in or is interested in the Solar Energy activities. 20,000120,000
  • New Applicants for membership can click on this link to register. After submitting the registration form, they can proceed to make their respective membership payment.
  • Existing members should click on this link to register. They can then proceed to login with the username and password provided during registration.
  • You application will not be considered for membership without making membership payment.
  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to assess each new member application on its own merit and award certificate of membership to successful candidates during the annual conference.