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The membership comprises the following categories:

  1. Fellowship (F)
  2. Full Membership (M)
  3. Associate Membership (AM)
  4. Student Membership (SM)
  5. Affiliate Membership (AFM)
  6. Institutional Membership (IM)
  7. Corporate Membership (CM)
  8. Corporate Awards (CA)
  9. Solar Advocates (SA)

Since 1988, the SESN has rewarded her founding members and all those that have contributed to the growth of the Society with the Fellowship of the Society. Outside the Fellowship, there have been various other awards such as Special Awards of Excellence in Solar Energy, Solar Energy Awards which included Associate Membership, Leadership in the Promotion of Renewable Energy Development, Leadership in Solar Photovoltaic Business and Initiative in the Production of Solar Systems. There has also been Corporate Awards and with the introduction of Solar Advocates starting from 2009, the Society has lived to the expectations of its founding fathers.

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