Aims and Objectives of the Society

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The objectives for which the Society is established are:
  1. To provide a forum for Scientists and Engineers and other interested parties in Nigeria to meet from time to time to discuss problems relating to Solar Energy.
  2. To protect, promote and foster the establishment of high standards in the study and application of Solar Energy in Nigeria.
  3. To advise the governments in Nigeria on all aspects relating to the development of Solar Energy programmes in the Country.
  4. To promote and facilitate the Society’s membership to relevant International Organization such as the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).
  5. To disseminate knowledge and information on research and development in Solar Energy applications through various publications such as the Nigeria Journal of Solar Energy and Solar Energy News Letters.
  6. To encourage research and training activities in Solar Energy applications.
  7. To purchase, hold, lease, mortgage, sell, improve or otherwise acquire and dispose of any movable or immovable property and any rights and privileges which may be necessary or suitable for the advancement of the objectives of the Society.
  8. To lobby, apply or petition for any legislation, Government policy, or otherwise which will assist in the promotion of Solar Energy applications in the Country.
  9. It is not the objective of the Society to become a Trade Union, or an affiliate of any Trade Union. It will not involve its members in any strike action.